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Know the Difference Between Fans and Blowers

Apr. 30, 2022

Fans and blowers may seem the same to most people, and at times may be used interchangeably. However, fans and blowers are technically different in terms of their working, structure, function, and applications. But, primarily, both fans and blowers are used for cooling and air circulation either in indoor areas, inside industrial machines as well as electronic equipment. Ironically, the term blower fan is also quite widely used, especially when it comes to industrial blower fan. This post discusses the differences between fans and blowers in terms of their working process and structure as well as their industrial applications.

How are Fans and Blowers Different from Each Other?

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has defined fans and blowers based on their discharge pressure and suction pressure ratio. This way they have also defined compressors, and in a way distinguished between all these three devices. According to ASME, a fan is a device with a pressure ratio of up to 1.11. A blower has a pressure ratio between 1.11 And 1.2. On the other hand, the pressure ratio in a compressor is more than 1.2. Any kind of ventilation device when operational will bring in air and throw out some air which may also comprise dirt, dust, contaminants, and so on. Industrial blower fans may also be subjected to various oils, chemicals, fumes, high temperatures, and so on depending on the industry type. Here, we do a quick comparison of fans and blowers.


DC axial fan_副本.png

Difference Between Fan and Blower




Has blades for functioning or rotation

Has impellers for rotation

Is an electrical device

Is a mechanical device

It consumes less electricity

This relatively consumes more power

It offers medium airflow depending on the capacity

It offers better airflow than fans

Some types include radial fans, industrial axial fans, and propeller   fans

The two main categories are centrifugal

and positive displacement blowers

More Details on Blower and Fans

The following are a few common types of blowers and fans used across industries.

·         AC Axial Fans: These fans are commonly used in industries to cool machines as they produce a lot of heat when in process. They find applications in devices which generate a lot of heat, such as generators, refrigeration systems, diesel engines and so on.

·         DC Axial Fans: These fans are used as industrial axial fans to cool machines and equipment in industrial units. Depending on the requirement, they can be made waterproof and dust proof. These are commonly used in electronic devices, computers, medical devices, automotive equipment, and so on.

·         AC Blower Fans: These help increase the velocity of air passing through the impeller, and are suitable in high-pressure applications. Usually, they have a voltage capacity of up to 230V.

·         DC Blower Fans: These are actually centrifugal blowers which help increase the airflow volume through their impellers. They offer air displacement at a constant speed and produce less heat.

You may need a fan or blower in case you are a manufacturer, industrial equipment, computers, and electronic appliances. Whatever may be your requirement, ensure you source them from a reliable manufacturer and supplier, and that they are designed or customized according your specifications. 

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