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A brief description of EC fans

Jun. 14, 2018
EC fan is a new breed of fan industry. It is different from other DC fans. It can supply not only DC voltage,but also AC voltage. Voltage from DC 12V, 24 V, 48V to AC 110V, 380V can be  universal without the need to add any inverter conversion. All the internal components of the motor are power supply, DC power supply, bullt in DC AC converter, rotor position feed back, three-phase AC, permanent magnet and synchronous motor Advantages of EC fans.

EC motor for built-in intelligent control module of brushless type maintenance free motor, with a RS485 output interface, 0-10V interface, 4 20mA  sensor output speed switch output interface, alarm output interface and master-slave signal output interface. The product has the characteristics of high intelligence, high energy

saving, high efficiency, long life low vibration, low noise, continuous and uninterrupted operation, etc.

Ruiapple Electronics knows that EC fan will be used in many different fields and popular in market.So,we developed whole series EC fans after all staff's hardworking.Now we have EC axial fan and EC centrifugal fan.We always believe that innovation is the only way to keep young of enterprise.


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